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Jacob Patterson

…an artist who doesn’t come across as having the desire to promote human welfare.

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"You don't owe your audience your art; you owe your audience your life."
-Howard Bloom
Apr 14 '11


Scariest Tsunami Footage Ever of the Day: Just when you think you’ve seen the scariest tsunami footage ever, along comes the scariest tsunami footage ever: Villagers in Iwaki City flee on foot from an oncoming tidal wave of cars and buses.

[producermatthew / hypervocal.]


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    this breaks my heart.
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    Seram satu badan. :( .There were screaming to hurry up.
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    I may be an awful person. My first thought was, “God Damn It, keep the camera still and stop pointing it at the floor” I...
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    ohhhh CTM..!! la media caga…!!
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    Cuatico wn D:
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    D: CTM
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    This is bone chilling. So sad for all of Japan.
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    Honestly, hearing and knowing what the people are screaming in Japanese makes this way more terrifying.
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    On the one-month anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake, a new video surfaces that shows the horrors of the resulting...
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