Anonymous said:

I have seen most of these before, but the compilation places them in a great light. My comments:

#12: There are slightly more clever stop sign installations than this. My roommate used to paint ‘don’t’ STOP ‘believing’ on stops signs, and the Hammertime joke is funniest when done with a comma after the STOP in my opinion.

#3: Funny that they didn’t credit Banksy here. Though it would have been out of place to credit just one artist, even if he is the most famous living painter…

#5: It’s interesting to note that the scratched out wall was likely present beforehand. And the writing that was scratched out probably was, as well. You can tell by the placement of the word ‘with.’

#9: I have always wanted to do this. And what better place than a McDonald’s?

#13: This is one of my favorite street art pieces of all time. It sums up so much of what street kids are about…

#15: This epitome of site-specificity

#18: I could get really, really into this one, but I will avoid doing so.

#23: This is probably my all-time favorite street piece, and one around which I base my street persona. You should look up the entire conversation, and check out some of mobstr’s other conversations with authority.